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Issue with Trading Empty Issue with Trading

Post by guitarDADDY1208 on March 2nd 2012, 12:51 am

Ok guys, the league was set up so that CPU teams couldn't trade with each other, this does not mean that you can make trades with them, there have been a few trades made with CPU teams and ALL of them must be reversed, I was pondering this decision and the only fair resolve is to make anyone who traded with a CPU team, make the same trade again to fix the roster. I feel like writing this is pointless because activity on this site has come to a halt, so i'll send out messages to the teams that need to be fixed, I'm sorry if you don't like it but if you look each of these trades were contested but passed through arbitration, they were vetoed because we can't trade with CPU teams. Take this example would you be willing to play with the Bobcats if you knew that Kemba Walker had been traded??? if you made a trade with a user and then that user left then your trade stands but the ones made with a CPU team need to and will be fixed no questions asked.

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